Business Software for Massage Therapists and how they are Enhancing Business Flow

Massage therapists aim at giving undivided attention to their clients. To ensure this happens, it is important to automate key massage business processes. Armed with the right business software, a massage therapist can enjoy a smooth flow of activities. It will be easy to carry out business processes and still keep clients happy.

Many options for enterprise resource planning can be found online

What makes the best business software for massage therapists? Good software should have a scheduling calendar. This makes it easy to create, reassign and reschedule appointments with clients. Clients are empowered to schedule their own appointments online. Automatic email and text reminders are sent to clients reminding them of their appointments. There is reduced absenteeism as clients can always confirm their appointments dates.

A massage therapist needs business software that enhances integrated billing and with all this said thats why people often opt fora combination of ERP and facilities management or simply go the route of  buying off the shelf solutions. The automated software tracks clients’ accounts to charge amounts due. With advanced billing systems, insurance claims can be submitted where applicable. It will be easy to accept online credit cards payments for massage appointments.

Automated reporting feature is a key software component. A massage therapist will be able to generate commonly used reports and records. The need to type or hand write reports is eliminated. It will be easy to manage and store customers’ information in soft copy. Unlike hard copies, there is low risk of misplacing clients’ records.

A massage therapist needs to monitor inventory and expenses. The best software should have an accounting component that will help him do that. Complete software packages come fitted with an accounting component. Massage software not only makes business easy but also enhances performance and profitability.


Dave Taylor is a competent and skilled trainer of Rayner Massage, who also teaches massage training courses in London. His skill in Raynor Massage has achieved him the title of Advanced Practitioner Raynor Massage, and the fact that he derives a lot of satisfaction from his work reflects his commitment to growing the practice by teaching the technique to others. Practitioners are increasing by the number in the United Kingdom, and there is generally a growing demand for this kind of treatment; mainly because of its effectiveness, as stated by clients who have had a first hand experience with it.

Unlike in many other countries, the United Kingdom has no state regulations that touch on commercial massage or massage therapy practice. However, there are some jurisdictions within the country that require a state-issued license for businesses that have massage parlors. Dave is always very passionate about healing people through massage, and this has made his massage services to be very highly sought after. Courses taught by Dave include Massage Certificate (which also includes Raynor Massage), Massage Diploma, Advanced Diploma, Nutrition, and Diploma of Naturopathy.

The Raynor Massage Certificate Course is basically a five-day course that results in one gaining their Raynor Massage Certificate. Raynor Massage is a bodywork system that treats the body’s skeletal and muscle systems, as well as its energy systems. The technique is quite is quite different from ordinary massage, and it involves certain stretches and adjustments that have been developed throughout the recent years. Unlike conventional massage therapy, Raynor Massage emphasizes on specific parts of the body that are important, which conventional massage therapy neglects. These parts include the head, feet, hands, hips, abdomen, and the sacrum.

The Raynor Massage training offered by Dave are quite short, but very intensive. Quality training is provided to student groups of not more than sixteen students for every teacher. Dave mainly handles two course: the Diploma and the Certificate. For those seeking to become professional masseuse, it is highly recommended that they take the combined ten-day Diploma and Certificate course. On completing the course, students will then receive professional indemnity insurance which allows them to practice in various settings.

Getting An ITEC Massage Therapy Course

Getting a massage is one of the best ways to counter stress and getting a bit of reflexology therapy to maintain the body’s wellness is great as well. Spas have become popular because of this. People go to them to have a bit of “me time” and just be pampered.

This development has not gone unnoticed and people started to recognize the career potential of massage and reflexology therapies. Many people nowadays, try to find the best training facilities where they can become experts in the field. There have also been many establishments offering to teach these type of courses.

However, there are certain things that one has to keep in mind if they are trying to find a suitable place to acquire these skills. First is the establishment’s accreditation from trusted organizations like ITEC; this is the leading group that gives qualifications for complementary therapies, beauty and spa and more. If the place you got your training from is recognized by these type of organizations, they will easily be able to give you certifications that are easily acknowledged by businesses that you could gain work from in the future.

You also need to look at the people that you are going to be working with while honing your skills. At ITEC, the staff are highly qualified and well-recognized people. It would not make any sense to receive training from people who are incapable of expertly doing what they claim to teach. Their staff are passionate about their work; they take their work as a way of living and not just as a simple job and are very inspiring and would be good for you to take an example from. You will enjoy whatever it is you want to learn about.

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Welcome to my blog. I’m Tom Peterson, and I run a series of massage therapy courses around the country. I’ll be posting news and information pertaining to course starts. I’ll also be sharing useful articles and research that can help develop you as a masseuse. In particular I’ll be sharing information about the Raynor massage technique which is becoming one of the most popular methods in the industry. You can contact me directly through this blog, so please any queries or comments, don’r hesitate.  – Tom